Lead generation has changed - cold calling is dead

Lead Generation Has Changed – Cold Calling is Dead

The days of buying a list and cold calling are at best endangered, and with some luck soon to be extinct, along with many businesses that continue to treat decision makers with such reckless disregard. Australia is particularly finite, and many organisations are limited to operating in a very specific market for their product or service. To prosper, companies must ensure that their lead generation strategy provides every chance of engagement, regardless of whether the sale opportunity is immediate or may require nurturing for extended periods of time.

Implement effective lead generation strategies

In today’s dynamic and somewhat fickle market, it is essential that an appropriate lead generation strategy be formulated prior to letting your sales team loose on an important list of prospects. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ lead-generation strategy that churns out the same monotonous message will result in lower penetration rates. Companies need to think of new and innovative ways to target their chosen market in order to separate themselves from the competition. Over many years, we’ve performed literally thousands of campaigns and it’s our opinion that success in lead generation lies in the development of a unique and considered way of approaching decision makers. It also lies in making sure that a range of supporting marketing activity is intertwined to deliver a congruent message. Make sure that web, direct mail, email and whitepaper content supports the phone-based activity that will be taking place. Few companies think about the importance of developing an overarching lead marketing strategy and therefore fail to adequately penetrate their chosen market. Best practice is 60% to 70% penetration/engagement of a potential market – ask yourself if your company is close to achieving that type of market potential. If you are, you’re doing well – if you’re not, ask yourself why.

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