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Validate your data against accurate and comprehensive Australian databases with our data washing and data cleansing services. 

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Full-Service Data Enrichment and Cleansing

Every day, Australian businesses spend considerable time and resources contacting or trying to work with inaccurate data. Our comprehensive and accurate databases can be used to help you identify bad records and append the most up-to-date information quickly and cost effectively.

We take all the hassle out of enriching your data and appending new and accurate information to it. As a full-service data agency, we will do all the work required to make sure we maximise match rates and append all the information that your team may require.

Data Enrichment Guarantee

All of our business data and consumer data is guaranteed for quality and accuracy.  If you purchase data from us and find records that are inaccurate or do not meet the mutually agreed criteria, we will replace the record or provide a pro-rate refund.  We can’t be fairer than that.

Get in touch today to find out why our data cleansing services in Australia are considered to be the best available.  Our results are guaranteed.

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The Benefits of Data Washing

Some companies we speak with have a need to further confirm and qualify their data to be used for outbound strategies such as personalised letters.

Whilst it is possible to take a data list of companies or individuals with certain titles and simply mail it, experience shows that titles only provide an indication as to role and responsibility; the ultimate decision maker’s title can vary from business to business.

Instead of making assumptions based solely on titles, we generally implement a data washing team to efficiently place calls to the selected companies prior to mailing to confirm who is responsible for decisions regarding a specific service/product. Data cleansing also allows us the opportunity to identify any other stakeholders or influencers in the decision-making process and to confirm the postal address details.

What is Data Washing?

Data Washing means:

  • You’re not spending money on letters that go to the wrong people
  • We speak to more decision makers throughout the campaign
  • Increasing the efficiency of the calling, since we do not have to navigate through the company when trying to set an appointment
  • Decreasing the time we need to pitch to decision makers, as they are expecting our call and no lengthy introductions or explanations are required.
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Updating your data

Database enrichment can be very challenging for most organisations. Multiple stakeholders in a company are often adding information periodically and that information can be entered incorrectly or become out-of-date as people move on to other businesses or customers change their locations. Many of the clients we work with find serious inaccuracies with most of the data contained within their CRMs and this often impacts sales, finance and customer service.

Our data enrichment services allow clients to directly update their data in real time through our extensive and up-to-date database of Australian businesses. Because we call tens of thousands of Australian businesses every month, our management of databases enables us to offer one of the most comprehensive and accurate services available in Australia. We constantly update the information and allow live feeds to be pushed to our clients, so they can be assured their records are accurate and useable.

Data protection

Standard procedures for all campaigns are the signing of mutual non-disclosure agreements to ensure data protection. Client data is segregated and owned by our clients, for their exclusive use. We will never share client data with any other client, provider or list broker.

Our database enrichment and provision of up-to-date information ensure that our clients can maximise their lead generation, telemarketing, customer service and finance efforts. We also provide extensive database back-up solutions to clients as an optional service to our data enrichment services. This enables clients to have comfort that their sales and marketing engine can always be up and working, regardless of any situation that may happen with their CRM provider or through unexpected outages of their IT environments.

The effective management of databases is essential for companies that run sophisticated sales and marketing operations. If you are looking for a partner that can fully manage your business data accuracy, speak to one of our friendly data team members about ways to link to a direct feed of up-to-date contacts and company information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business data enrichment, or data list enrichment, involves enhancing your data to fill any gaps and make sure it is entirely accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

Through our B2B data enrichment services, our team works to cleanse and refine your data. We’ll set to work improving your raw, internal data by adding the latest information and checking this against external sources to verify its accuracy. This often involves combining your internal data with information from external, third party sources.

Data list enrichment promises numerous benefits for businesses. Not only does it ensure that all your information is accurate and up-to-date, but it also means you have the information you need to generate leads and take advantage of current business opportunities.

In this way, business data enrichment allows you to increase your profits, save money, and nurture meaningful relationships with your clients and business partners.

Database cleaning, or data washing, is the process of going through your business data to remove any errors or inconsistencies that may be holding your organisation back. By enriching and improving your data, you ensure that it is current and up-to-date so that you can take full advantage of any business opportunities that come your way.

Our data cleansing services in Australia are designed to ensure that you are always poised for success.

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