Data Washing and Data List Refinement

Data Washing and Data List Refinement ensures that you are speaking to the right decision makers. If you need help washing and refining your data, talk to us today.

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Utilising a carefully crafted, personalised letter to support an outbound strategy has proven to be very effective initial means of communicating with senior decision makers. The benefits of this approach strategy include:

It looks personalised, highly professional and as if you have taken time and effort to reach out to the decision maker.

It promotes brand awareness and lets the decision maker know to expect a call.

It allows for inbound leads prior to calling.

It assists to get around gatekeepers.

However, its success is dependent on it reaching the right people. Whilst it is possible to take a data list of companies or individuals with certain titles and simply mail it, experience shows that titles only provide an indication as to role and responsibility; the ultimate decision makers title can vary from business to business. Instead of making assumptions based solely on titles, we generally implement a data washing team to efficiently place calls to the selected companies prior to mailing to confirm who is responsible for decisions regarding a specific service/product. This process also allows us the opportunity to identify any other stakeholders or influencers in the decision-making process and to confirm the postal address details.

Data washing means:

  • You’re not spending money on letters that go to the wrong people
  • We speak to more decision makers throughout the campaign
  • Increases the efficiency of the calling, since we do not have to navigate through the company when trying to set an appointment
  • Decreases the time we need to pitch to decision makers, as they are expecting our call and no lengthy introductions or explanations are required.