What is lead generation?

Generating leads is not simply a case of procuring a list of potential clients and calling them with your company message; it’s a systematic strategy. At Lead Express we take a holistic approach to generating leads, ensuring you only receive the best opportunities. 

A holistic approach

There are two ways to generate new business enquiries; inbound and outbound marketing. Over the past few years, advances in digital marketing have seen businesses push their budget towards inbound channels; our advice is to be great at digital marketing, but make sure the inbound activity is supported by a well-executed outbound calling program.

We use our extensive business and consumer database to drive inbound lead traffic and generate qualified opportunities. This enables us to leverage online advertising, targeted emails, SMS, outbound and inbound calling as well social media to form a complete lead engine. Over many years, we have found that a complete lead strategy is significantly more effective at generating interested buyers than singular forms of advertising.

Inbound marketing

The goal of inbound marketing is to attract people that are actively searching for a product or service. By implementing the right strategy, companies can generate enquiries from people saying, ‘I’m interested in understanding more about your company’. 

Inbound marketing includes activities such as Google AdWords, SEO, social selling, general pay-per-click advertising, re-targeting and the distribution of content that pulls an enquiry through a landing page or web form. 

But regardless of how good an inbound program is, there are only a finite amount of people searching for any given product or service at any given time.

Outbound marketing

Outbound lead generation is generally effective if the activity being completed is well executed. We’ve seen thousands of businesses grow exponentially on the back of outbound marketing, which is one of the reasons why we encourage every B2B company to complement their inbound activity with a structured outbound program.