Data List Services

We have one of the most comprehensive business database in Australia, with over 2 million records making up business data lists containing a wealth of business information. If you are looking for business data lists that can be used by your sales team to generate real opportunities, talk to us about our data list services.

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Match and Append Data Services

Most Australian businesses hold an incredible amount of information about their customers and about the businesses they are looking to prospect. For sales people to be effective, they need prospect data lists and email lists that are accurate but also contains the latest information about the decision makers and influencers that are likely to purchase their products and services. Lead Express has one of the most extensive business databases in Australia, which enable us to offer our match and append data services. It is accurate, up-to-date and contains a considerable amount of information about the organisation generally, as well as about the decision makers and influencers listed as contacts. Our match and append services allow our data list specialists the ability to de-dupe our client’s business data, then find and append additional information that is relevant to their businesses. If you are looking for ways to improve the accuracy of your business data, speak to our friendly team about our business data match and append services.

Business Data Lists

Many businesses contact us because they want to build a business data list that will meet their sales and marketing requirements. Our business data team specialises in understanding the best data profile and then works closely to develop a business data list that will maximise sales results. That might be based on size of company, revenue, employee numbers or structured around industry types or lookalike profiles of current clients. Whatever your business data list or email list requirements, talk to us about ways we can build a list that is guaranteed for accuracy and results. And if you don’t have internal lead generation resources to prospect the business data list for you, our executive lead generation services are always available to assist.