Case Study: Confirming Attendees and Boosting Course Sales for an Event Company with Lead Express


This case study highlights the success of an event company that leveraged Lead Express’s distinctive outreach strategies. Tasked with confirming attendees from online registrations and selling courses to these attendees, Lead Express utilised their unique methods to achieve remarkable results.


The event company, despite achieving a substantial number of online registrations for their events, faced a common challenge: confirming the actual attendance of these registrants. They also sought to boost their course sales to event attendees. To address these goals, the company engaged Lead Express.


Lead Express employed its renowned multi-channel outreach and executive calling team to drive attendee confirmation and course sales:

Attendee Confirmation

The executive calling team at Lead Express reached out to all the individuals who had registered online for the events. They confirmed the details, ensuring that potential attendees had all the necessary information and addressed any issues or concerns that might hinder their attendance.

Course Sales

Beyond confirming attendees, Lead Express also took the opportunity to market and sell the event company’s courses to these attendees. The executive calling team introduced these courses during their calls, explaining the benefits and value these courses could provide.


Lead Express’s strategy yielded impressive results. They managed to confirm over 60% of the attendees who had registered online, significantly reducing the uncertainty surrounding event attendance and helping the event company plan more effectively.

Moreover, by leveraging these confirmation calls to sell courses, Lead Express facilitated a notable increase in course sales. Event attendees, having been made aware of these valuable offerings, showed keen interest, leading to an increased uptake in course registrations.


This case study illustrates the efficacy of Lead Express’s unique approach in achieving dual objectives for the event company: confirming event attendees and boosting course sales. By utilising their skilled executive calling team, Lead Express not only reduced uncertainty for the event company but also enhanced their revenue through increased course sales.

This success serves as a testament to Lead Express’s ability to adapt their approach to diverse client needs and deliver measurable results. It’s a striking example of how strategic outreach can turn an initial point of contact into a substantial opportunity for growth and revenue generation.

Case Study: Revamping a Company’s Database with Lead Express’s Match and Append Services


This case study outlines the collaboration between a business seeking to update its outdated database and Lead Express, renowned for its superior lead generation and data services. The business partnered with Lead Express to conduct comprehensive match and append services, ensuring the refreshed database contained the latest company, contact, email address, Australian Business Number (ABN), and phone information.


The business had a significant challenge: an outdated, potentially unreliable database. This limitation was affecting their efficiency and effectiveness in marketing and customer outreach. Recognising the urgency of having an updated and accurate database, they turned to Lead Express.


Lead Express employed its comprehensive match and append services to refresh and enhance the business’s database:

Match and Append Services

Lead Express first matched the existing data with reliable sources to identify and correct inaccuracies. Simultaneously, they appended missing or incomplete information such as company details, contacts, email addresses, ABN, and phone numbers.

This process involved not just updating information but also removing redundant or duplicated data, ensuring the database was not just comprehensive, but efficient.


The result was a thoroughly updated, accurate, and reliable database that the business could use confidently for their marketing and customer outreach. The refreshed database eliminated inaccuracies and outdated information, replacing them with up-to-date, reliable data.

This new database significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the business’s marketing and customer outreach efforts. With the latest company, contact, email, ABN, and phone information, they could now target their audience with precision, improving their conversion rates and driving revenue growth.


This case study highlights the critical role that Lead Express’s match and append services play in maintaining an up-to-date and efficient database. By ensuring that the business’s database contained the latest and most accurate information, Lead Express significantly enhanced the effectiveness of the business’s outreach efforts.

This example underscores the importance of maintaining a reliable and current database and the transformative impact that Lead Express’s services can have on a business’s efficiency and revenue growth. It serves as a testament to Lead Express’s commitment to providing top-notch data services, which are essential for businesses operating in a data-driven world.

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