Case Study: How Lead Express’ Unique Outreach Process Propelled a SaaS Business to $5.1 Million in New Revenue


This case study focuses on the significant success achieved by a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that utilised Lead Express’ innovative outreach methods. Lead Express, a lead generation company, used a multi-channel outreach strategy coupled with a highly trained executive calling team to drive outstanding results for the SaaS business. Over a six-month period, this strategy resulted in 120 qualified appointments, 33 closed sales, and an impressive $5.1 million in new revenue.


The SaaS company in question faced the common challenge of increasing their sales pipeline and closing more deals. Despite offering a robust and value-rich product, the company struggled to reach their target audience and generate significant sales opportunities. As a solution, they enlisted the help of Lead Express.


Lead Express is known for its distinctive approach to lead generation, utilising multi-channel outreach and a highly trained executive calling team to generate quality leads. This unique strategy, customised to the needs of the SaaS business, involved the following elements:

Multi-Channel Outreach

Lead Express deployed a diverse set of channels, including email, social media, and direct calling, to reach potential customers where they are most responsive. This broad approach ensured higher visibility of the SaaS product, touching multiple points of the customer journey and thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Highly Trained Executive Calling Team

Lead Express distinguishes itself with its executive calling team. These aren’t ordinary call center representatives; they’re skilled sales professionals trained to engage potential leads with strategic conversations. These executive callers engaged with the target audience, articulating the SaaS product’s value proposition, and ultimately booking appointments with interested prospects.


This unique approach proved to be incredibly successful. Over six months, Lead Express was able to book 120 qualified appointments for the SaaS company, which far exceeded the company’s initial targets. These weren’t just arbitrary numbers; these were potential customers who demonstrated genuine interest and a high likelihood of conversion.

The results were exceptional. Of these 120 appointments, 33 resulted in closed sales, equating to a close rate of approximately 27.5% – an impressive figure by industry standards.

Most importantly, these 33 sales didn’t just represent a numerical achievement; they generated a significant increase in revenue. The SaaS company enjoyed $5.1 million in new revenue, a substantial boost that represented an exceptional return on their investment in Lead Express’s services.


This case study demonstrates the powerful impact of Lead Express’ unique approach to lead generation. By integrating multi-channel outreach with a highly trained executive calling team, they were able to propel a SaaS company to extraordinary success. The results speak for themselves: 120 qualified appointments, 33 closed sales, and a staggering $5.1 million in new revenue. This strategy’s success underscores the value of a comprehensive, skilfully executed lead generation approach, making Lead Express a compelling choice for businesses seeking to boost their sales performance.

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