Case Study: Propelling a Market Position and Generating $10 Million in Pipeline Revenue for an ERP Company with Lead Express


In this case study, we examine how Lead Express, a prominent lead generation firm, collaborated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider seeking to target construction companies. Leveraging their distinctive multi-channel approach and executive calling team, Lead Express identified 63 new sales opportunities, translating to over $10 million in pipeline revenue and establishing a strong market position for the ERP provider within the construction industry.


The ERP provider offered a solution specifically tailored for construction companies, but struggled to effectively reach and engage this niche market. Recognising that an innovative approach was necessary to connect with these businesses, they sought the services of Lead Express to drive their lead generation efforts.


Lead Express deployed its unique strategy, consisting of a multi-channel outreach system combined with a highly trained executive calling team, designed to engage and convert potential leads:

Multi-Channel Outreach

To effectively reach construction companies, Lead Express utilised a broad array of channels, such as email, social media, and direct calls. The goal was to contact potential clients where they were most active and receptive, which increased visibility and improved the chances of engagement.

Executive Calling Team

Lead Express’s executive calling team played a crucial role in this strategy. This team, made up of sales professionals trained in strategic conversations, was tasked with discussing the ERP provider’s offerings with prospective leads and identifying new sales opportunities within the construction industry.


The results were significant. Lead Express’s strategy yielded 63 new sales opportunities for the ERP provider, far exceeding initial expectations. These opportunities weren’t just potential leads; they represented a substantial $10 million in pipeline revenue.

Moreover, this success helped establish a strong market position for the ERP provider within the construction industry. The company became recognised as a leading ERP solution for construction businesses, which, in turn, facilitated even further growth and opportunity.


This case study demonstrates the transformative power of Lead Express’s unique approach to lead generation. By integrating a multi-channel outreach strategy with a skilled executive calling team, they managed to create significant opportunities for an ERP provider.

The success, marked by 63 new sales opportunities and over $10 million in pipeline revenue, illustrates the effectiveness of Lead Express’s methodology. But perhaps more importantly, it helped secure a solid foothold in the construction industry for the ERP provider, ensuring their long-term growth and success.

Thus, Lead Express proves itself as a formidable partner for businesses seeking not only to generate leads but also to establish a dominant position within their target markets.

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