Lead Generation

What is inbound marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Marketing today is a tricky business. No doubt it’s a key driver in generating leads for your business but the

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Generating leads through cold calling

Generating Leads Through Cold Calling

Part one – How to open a sales call Most sales people are great at building relationships with their prospective customers once they are in …

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Lead generation has changed - cold calling is dead

Lead Generation Has Changed – Cold Calling is Dead

The days of buying a list and cold calling are at best endangered, and with some luck soon to be extinct, along with many businesses …

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Why you need customer profiles for marketing campaign

How to define your target market

Before you embark on any marketing or lead generation strategy, it is important to know who your target market is. This way, you will be …

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Woman working on computer

Effective Ways to Train Account Managers

A communication theory exists stating that 55% is body language, 38% tonality and 7% words. World-renowned master sales strategist, Linda Clemons is one of the …

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Hand shake

Client Relationships

Success of any business is built upon effective client relationships. Within many service organisations this role is championed by the Account Manager.  It’s the Account …

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