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Client Relationships

Success of any business is built upon effective client relationships. Within many service organisations this role is championed by the Account Manager.  It’s the Account Managers role to ensure that the client’s needs and objectives are exceeded by effectively managing the day-to-day requirements, while continuously developing sound strategies that add value to their clients business.

So what makes an effective Account Manager?

To be an effective Account Manager, you need to be proficient with administration, phone skills and face to face etiquette.  Being an effective communicator is central to the role.

A high level of transparency is also a key trait of all effective Account Managers.  Keeping clients abreast of campaign progression and projects instils confidence.  An excellent Account Manager is always proactively looking for ways in which to improve campaigns and extract the best possible result for their client.

Good client relationships begin and end with good communication.  When you have clear lines of communication between the parties involved in any project will undoubtedly gain mutual understanding around objectives and direction. Flowing on from this is accountability with everyone involved with the campaign or project understanding their role and taking responsibility for their part.

This is the recipe for success.

At Lead Express we strive to provide our clients with exceptional account management service.  This is central to our ongoing success.  We are committed to building enduring relationships with our clients based around open and transparent communication, while delivering exceptional results.  Talk to us today about how we can grow your business and experience the difference with Lead Express.

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