How Much Does a Lead Generation Company Cost?

How Much Does a Lead Generation Company Cost?

One thing that rings true with all purchasing decisions is that you get what you pay for. Over the past decade, we have seen many companies make the mistake of trying to engage a company claiming unrealistic results or offering services at a price point which cannot adequately sustain quality processes and results. Before making a decision to outsource lead marketing activities, it is crucial to understand what your return on investment needs to be.

What to consider when choosing a lead generation company:

  • What experience does the lead generation company you are considering have in your chosen market?
  • What does their current client list look like?
  • What are the qualifications of their staff?
  • What does their training and induction program entail?
  • What systems do they have in place to protect your data?
  • What technologies are they using to generate leads?
  • How do they nurture opportunities on behalf of your organisation?
  • How will they protect your brand in the market?
  • What quality assurance programs have they got in place to monitor activity?
  • What is their strategy for engaging with decision makers?
  • What reference clients will they allow you to speak with?

Answering these questions to your satisfaction will enable you to engage a company that will actually deliver what you require. From experience, we can tell you that generating effective leads takes time and careful execution. The Australian marketplace is too small to waste any opportunities and, to be effective, you need a team that is creative and can deliver your company’s message in a professional and conversational way. Generally, Australian Account Managers should perform lead generation activity to Australian decision makers; they communicate the message in a way that is likely to resonate more effectively which is critically important to maximising results.

Consider this; what is the impact to your business if the company you engage gets it wrong? It isn’t just your brand that is at risk; It’s the wasted opportunities which can have a huge impact on your future sales results.

What is in a lead generation hour?

An hour of lead generation time is a little like a lawyer’s hour; it’s an actual hour of activity spent on your specific campaign requirements. Each hour worked by our account team includes activity generated and actions required. If we need to follow up a call, or send an email, this time is accounted for. All these shorter activities are aggregated into a total amount of time in hours that are reported back to you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

A breakdown of a lead generation hours includes:

  • Hourly staff wage for formally qualified, campaign professionals
  • Sophisticated calling and data capture technology
  • Management support
  • Environment costs including: office, utilities, internet and telephony
  • IT infrastructure, including data backup and security to protect your intellectual property
  • Margin

Providing the systems, qualified staff and environment that is conducive to decision maker engagement is expensive. It’s just not possible to cut corners and provide the service at a low rate per hour. So if you’ve been quoted something significantly less than $70-$80 per hour, you need to understand that you aren’t getting guaranteed, quality leads.

Ultimately, spending the extra money on a professional and experienced lead generation company provides a higher quality of opportunity. This in turn increases the amount of sales your team can make and limits the wasted time attending appointments that are not appropriately qualified.

How Lead Express can help

Lead Express is Australia’s premier organisation in the provision of lead generation, sales training and marketing services. We have over a decade of experience in not only generating quality leads for businesses but also providing complete solutions to enhance organisation’s marketing and sales strategies.

If you feel your team could benefit from sales training or your organisation would like to review its current sales strategy, then we would welcome a confidential discussion.

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