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How to determine return on lead marketing investment

You might not think telemarketing services are for you, because your business isn’t big enough, or because you have your own sales staff. Unless your team consists of telemarketing experts supporting face-to-face closers, with dedicated account managers, though, chances are you’re missing out on sales.

aNot all businesses are big enough to hire, train and develop a successful sales team. Often sales professionals in small teams are expected to become Jacks-of-all-trade, handling every stage of the process from telemarketing and lead generation to relationship management to brokering the deal. When their expertise lies in one of these areas, having to take them all on hampers their results.

Effective Strategies for awareness through telemarketing

Generating sales leads is tough. It’s draining emotionally and physically talking to cold prospects all day, even if you’re passionate about your product or service and love cold calling. If you’d rather be focusing your energy on meeting clients face to face, or on other aspects of your business, you can quickly become weary, and that comes across in your conversations, costing you sales and profits.

One of the best ways for small to medium sized businesses to enhance sales performance is to bring in the services of an outside telemarketing services company. These teams have telemarketing specialists whose passion and talent is honed, who will take the time to educate themselves about your business before making calls. They will be enthusiastic ambassadors for your business when even you have run out of the energy to talk about it, because they love to communicate, they have the right skills and they use the right tools.

Start-up & small to medium sized companies: Outsource your telemarketing

To an experienced telemarketing specialist persuading new clients of the effectiveness of your offering is a game of matchmaking. A game they play armed with relationship management software to track a prospect’s interest in your business over the long and short term, with the patience and perseverance to ensure they build a relationship with the right person in the target business, and the negotiation skills to recognise objections as requests for information.

Telemarketing services are particularly important to start-up businesses or small to medium sized businesses launching innovative new products, because the target audience is likely to be unfamiliar with the product and require educating, and yet the budget won’t stretch to expensive methods of brand advertising such as TV, radio and magazine coverage. Instead, telemarketing specialists will target their campaign at likely early adopters, based on demographics and past buying behavior. They will then take the time to introduce the concept to key people in the right niche markets, and build confidence in your new product through familiarity with it, starting with thought leaders for maximum impact.

Indeed, although SMEs can obviate the need for more expensive traditional advertising by employing telemarketing services, even larger companies can shave advertising budgets by utilising effective strategies to create awareness through telemarketing and relationship management.

Before you enlist the help of a telemarketing company, though, you need to make sure you’re working with a company with a solid track record, that has highly trained staff with dedicated account managers, local knowledge to match industry knowledge and experience, and that will feed back to you on a regular basis.

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