Important Considerations When Choosing a Lead Generation Agency

Important Considerations When Choosing a Lead Generation Agency

When selecting a lead generation agency, there's a number of important factors to consider to ensure that you are going to be working with an agency that is backed by experience, has solid processes and strategies in place and will get your business the best results possible. Below are some of the top considerations to keep in mind when selecting a partner to work with.

  • Does the company have deep Australian knowledge?

    It’s important to have callers who understand the way Australian executives think and can quickly built rapport. If international workers are used, often there will be disconnect with decision makers which has potential to harm your brand.
  • Are the people working on your campaign employed by the company or are they contractors?

    Do they have a team that can engage at different levels in different ways? We only employ professionals who are able to convey complex solutions to decision makers in a way that works. If they say they can, do they have reference clients that can describe in detail why they have been successful in generating leads within your target market?
  • What is the average length of employment for staff in the company?

    Ours is currently 2.5 years and we have an extensive waiting list to work at our company. This means your team has longevity in performance and have likely worked on several campaigns that would have targeted similar decision makers. This experience is critical to maximising executive lead generation opportunities.
  • Will your salespeople have total access to the team working on your campaign?

    It is important they can collaborate collectively to provide further information, training and feedback on the leads etc.
  • Ask yourself what you actually do you want leads with people with no real opportunity or decision-making ability and/or budget?

    Or are you looking for quality appointments/leads that are highly qualified with the right decision maker that is engaged and understands why you want to speak to them?
  • Can the company send emails seamlessly, so prospects don’t know they’re dealing with an outsourced company?

    If so, how does the process work and do they have clients to attest to the ability for them to do that properly, all the time?
  • When appointments are set, can they send calendar reminders that Outlook confirms in your diary?

    Is it sent directly to the prospect? Google Calendar sounds great but can look unprofessional when compared to more sophisticated
  • What process is used to make sure the right people are being targeted and the right decision makers are identified early in the process?

    What process is followed to make sure prospecting isn’t made to someone who may already be a client of yours or to someone that your team is currently working with?
  • Where does the company’s data come from?

    Do they have their own database of Australian consumers extensive enough to really uncover the right type of opportunities to suit your specific business? Do they have the ability to pinpoint very specific decision makers? If they are just purchasing a list, it is likely you are contacting the same people as everyone else and the market has been saturated.
  • Does the company have the ability to send emails on your behalf to an extensive database of targeted decision makers?

    We have over 500,000 consumer decision makers across Australia who receive regular correspondence from our published We regularly send out whitepapers, fact sheets, eBooks and offers on behalf of our clients.

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