Lead Express Provides Lead Lists and Telemarketing Lists

Lead Express provides lead lists and telemarketing lists

Many companies approach us for ‘lead lists’ or for a telemarketing list that can be called. They feel, rightly or wrongly, that if the data is correct and titles are identified, their teams should be able to increase their sales pipeline quickly. If only that were true.

The challenge with many telemarketing lists is that in most cases, nobody has washed the data or if they have, it’s been done a long time ago. List brokers often share data between themselves, which means that the same lists circulate in the market and are often very ineffective. It’s a problem that affects the entire industry and businesses should be very careful before committing to a list broker in Australia.

Why choose Lead Express for fresh lead lists & telemarketing lists?

For years, we have developed an incredible database of businesses and many qualified consumers. What we have found through our executive calling experience is that decision makers change from business to business and the length of their employment is becoming shorter. If that isn’t enough, companies are merging like crazy, resulting in new ownership structures and new decision-making environments. The result means that data is not as accurate as it once was and requires constant updating for it to be used meaningfully for a lead generation campaign.

As an organisation, we would average 50,000 calls per month. This allows us to update and validate a huge number of records, but with over 1 million active businesses in Australia, we’re never going to get a perfect database. For that reason, we always recommend that any prospect list purchased should be ‘washed’ to identify the right decision maker and to confirm all the right details for mail and email. With this done, organisations can be confident that the campaign they are embarking on will be given the best chance of success.

Washing data essentially means to call it and confirm key details with whoever answers the phone. If we have a name on file, we often use that as a way of obtaining or confirming other information on a company as we call. This assists us greatly in our efforts to generate qualified leads for clients and means our executive calling team are targeting the right people.

So before trying to find a list broker and purchasing a lead list, ask the provider when the last time the data was washed and who it was washed by. If the calls weren’t made by Australian callers, chances are the information gathered is inaccurate and the decision makers identified are the most basic of titles. If you’re looking for a quality prospect list, call us. We have a dedicated team of data specialists that will work with you to provide exactly the type of lead list you require. And because all our calls are made in Australia, you know you’ll get something meaningful.

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