Telemarketing – why not outsource it?

Telemarketing – why not outsource it?

Telemarketing offers real benefits to businesses. Finding, following and closing leads can offer a significant boost to the bottom line, but there are a few reasons that some businesses aren’t taking advantage of telemarketing. Setting up a department in-house requires additional, on-going costs, not every business feels like they have the space for a new team and, even if they do, that team needs to be trained effectively. For some, the idea stops there, but there’s another way: outsourced telemarketing.

Outsourcing lets agencies with experience, resources and trained staff take over the role, making the calls, chasing down leads and generating more business. Focused service providers like Lead Express provide expertise, proven strategies and tailored techniques that are ready to roll, without having to incorporate a new team and all that goes with it. If you’re ready to take advantage of all that telemarketing has to offer, but you’re not sure that an in-house team is the right answer, consider outsourcing to the professionals.

From cold calls to KPIs: What are telemarketing outsourcing services?

Telemarketing involves more than just picking up the phone and dialling. In fact, the process requires the same level of planning and expertise as any other area of marketing. This is the overall benefit of outsourced telemarketing: you’re taking advantage of a readymade solution to a complex problem.

There are many aspects to good telemarketing, but external providers will offer services such as the following:

  • System/infrastructure: Not all systems are made equal. The best systems capture call data, identify callback opportunities, seamlessly route calls, take advantage of AI or machine learning and work alongside other business tech, among plenty of other features. Even knowing where to start with your system can be tough, but outsourced companies will already be set up and ready to go.
  • Cold calling: Remember how we said that employees often find cold calling hard? Well, true telemarketing professionals don’t – in fact, they thrive on the challenge. It is, after all, their career.
  • Generating and following leads: Understanding the flow of conversation, how receptive a potential customer is and where to go next is all part of the trickbag of the telemarketing professional.
  • Call volume: To achieve your objectives, you need to make a certain amount of calls. Understanding what this number is comes with experience.
  • KPIs: Your business will know what the objective of telemarketing is, and telemarketing professionals are always well-placed to hit those KPI targets – whether that’s for sales, profit, leads generated or anything else.

What’s the process of lead generation?

Turning a lead into a sale or an ongoing customer is a complex prospect. The best telemarketing companies create what’s called a ‘pipeline’. A pipeline is the journey on which a prospective customer is taken, from the initial cold call through to an eventual sale (or other achieved objective). The most effective telemarketing outsourcing services have a system in place for managing leads in the pipeline, and this can include:

  • Monitoring the number of current leads
  • Understanding the ratio of closed leads
  • Analysing leads which drop out of the pipeline
  • Looking at incoming lead volume

Having this sort of strategy and overview is important because it can help form a more holistic view of what works, what doesn’t work, and where opportunities are. Leads are precious and experienced telemarketing teams know how to create reliable, repeatable and effective pipelines that lead to closed sales.

Why choose Lead Express?

Imagine setting up a new department in your business. What would the timeframe be? What might the costs look like? It’s fair to say that telemarketing, as with any other business department, represents a significant investment in effort, time and financial outlay. Outsourcing the role, however, shortcuts each of those problems.

The only issue, then, is who to work with. When you’re looking for a new partner in telemarketing, apply the same due diligence as with any important business decision. Look at successes for evidence that the company will be a good fit for your goals. For instance, at Lead Express, you’ll find countless examples of dedicated account managers and experienced staff making business-specific decisions, improving customer relations and hitting all-important sales targets and KPIs. You’ll also get a 100% results, 0% risk guarantee. That means that Lead Express achieves your goals, or you get refunded for any uncompleted work. It means that all the risk you assume by taking on the work yourself, in-house, is avoided.

The secret is out: what companies use telemarketing?

Telemarketing isn’t just for one industry or objective, and you’ll find it a common, standard addition to successful businesses everywhere. Telemarketing plays a role in industries such as retail, education, finance, banking, government services, nonprofits and many more. What companies use telemarketing for can vary and will often include B2B, B2C, market research and relationship management. The same technology and service providers are also able to manage inbound calls in a classic call centre style – fielding customer enquiries rather than chasing sales leads. There’s more to telemarketing than you might think.

Companies such as HP, Forbes, Motorola, and DHL all use telemarketing, and, importantly, it’s all outsourced. If the biggest companies find value in outsourcing their telemarketing requirements, that says a lot about the ROI of the service. In fact, thousands of companies take advantage of not having in-house teams, instead operating that part of their business externally. 

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