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The Importance of a Good Prospect List

When considering lead marketing activity, you need to understand exactly what your target market is and then properly identify the person in each organisation that makes a decision for your product or service.

Leverage Relationships With Different Data Companies

There’s a few ways to obtain a good prospect list, but rushing out and purchasing one from a well-known data company may not be the most effective way of achieving your desired outcome.  Consider the following points:

  • A company that only sells data lists often pushes their own data lists first and won’t necessarily have the relationships in place to specialise in your specific industry.
  • Depending on the organisation, they may have sold the same or a similar list to many different companies in the past days/weeks.  This means the decision makers on the list will often have been approached by many different companies and will often be very hardened to approach.
  • There are many different list owners that have great data but don’t have the online presence to attract your business.  Therefore you may never have the opportunity to see whether what they have could be better suited to your specific requirement.

As a lead marketing company, we have relationships with many different data companies and list owners and we often have commercial arrangements in place that can enable us to source data for you at a reduced rate.  Because we are actually performing lead generation activities on a daily basis for a range of different companies, we often have a clearer idea of which data source will best suit your needs.  We also have the ability to tailor and create lists for your specific requirement.

Build A Better Data & Prospect List – Lead Generation Strategies

Once your new data list has been sourced, there will need to continuous updating and maintenance of the data to ensure it remains accurate and constantly relevant to your sales team.  The reality is that a managed database is essential to ensuring that marketing activities, and therefore sales efforts, are all being focused towards the more appropriate people within each of the organisations with which you are interacting. When completing data analysis, we need to make sure the following information is confirmed:

  • Identifying the key decision maker and influencers
  • Accurate spelling of company name
  • Accurate spelling of decision maker and their title
  • Accurate spelling of decision maker and their title
  • Confirmation of mailing address and telephone number
  • Confirmation of key decision makers and influencers

It is critical that all lead generation efforts are being made to people who actually make (or influence) the decision for purchasing your product or service. To achieve that, you need a team of people that have considerable experience in interacting with senior business leaders and can cleverly obtain information in a natural and conversational way.  To manage the process effectively and efficiently, you will need to ensure that all information is captured and is as relevant as possible.

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