Case Study: How Lead Express Drove Over $20 Million in Sales for an LMS Provider through Strategic Appointment Booking


This case study explores the collaboration between a Learning Management System (LMS) provider and Lead Express, a premier lead generation company known for its unique outreach methods. The LMS provider sought to engage large and enterprise Australian businesses, aiming to implement their LMS and video content solutions. Over four years, with Lead Express’s assistance, over 300 appointments were secured, translating into net new sales realisation exceeding $20 million.


The LMS provider offered comprehensive solutions for large and enterprise businesses, including a robust LMS and high-quality video content solutions. However, effectively reaching and engaging such businesses in the Australian market posed a significant challenge. The company enlisted Lead Express to help break through the noise and connect them with potential clients.


Lead Express deployed its unique lead generation strategy to help the LMS provider. This strategy integrated multi-channel outreach and an executive calling team’s expertise, customised to the specific needs of the LMS provider:

Multi-Channel Outreach

Lead Express utilised a multi-channel approach, targeting prospective clients where they were most active and receptive. These channels included direct calling, email, and social media, each tailored to deliver the LMS provider’s value proposition in the most compelling manner possible.

Executive Calling Team

Beyond just outreach, Lead Express leaned into its highly trained executive calling team. These professionals were trained to engage potential leads with strategic conversations, articulating the benefits of the LMS provider’s solutions, and booking appointments with key decision-makers in the target businesses.


Over the four-year partnership, the results were significant. Lead Express booked over 300 appointments for the LMS provider, connecting them with large and enterprise businesses that they had struggled to reach.

These appointments weren’t just meetings; they were gateways to tremendous sales growth. The conversations that took place during these appointments were productive, leading to a net new sale realisation of over $20 million.


This case study illustrates the transformative impact that Lead Express’s unique lead generation approach can have on a business. For the LMS provider, this meant reaching target businesses they couldn’t before and converting these leads into substantial sales. Over 300 appointments and $20 million in sales is a testament to the effectiveness of Lead Express’s multi-channel outreach and skilled executive calling team.

This result underscores Lead Express as a game-changing partner for businesses, especially those targeting large and enterprise clients, demonstrating their ability to turn engagement into significant revenue generation.

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