Case Study: Re-engaging Churned Clients with Lead Express to Drive Remarkable Revenue Recovery for an Equipment Supply Business


In this case study, we spotlight an equipment supply business that partnered with Lead Express, a renowned lead generation firm known for its innovative outreach methods. Tasked with reaching out to churned clients, Lead Express employed its unique expertise to not only reconnect with nearly half of these customers but also refreshed the business’s database to pave the way for robust marketing outreach.


The equipment supply company found itself grappling with a familiar problem that many businesses face: significant client churn. Over time, a large number of previously reliable customers had disengaged, leading to a noticeable dip in revenue. The company decided to employ the services of Lead Express to turn this situation around.


Lead Express applied their unique outreach strategies and specialised executive calling team to re-engage the churned clients. This process was conducted in two major steps:

Re-engagement of Churned Clients

Lead Express utilised its trained executive calling team to initiate personal, direct conversations with the churned clients. The team explained any new offerings, cleared any past misunderstandings, and addressed the concerns that had initially led to the clients’ disengagement. By taking the time to understand each client’s individual needs and grievances, they were able to rekindle interest in the company’s equipment supply offerings.

Database Refreshment

Simultaneously, Lead Express undertook the task of refreshing the company’s client database. They removed outdated information, corrected inaccuracies, and updated client records to ensure the database was an accurate reflection of the current client base. This refreshed database was not only useful for this re-engagement effort but would also be a critical tool for future marketing outreach and engagement.


The results of this partnership were remarkable. Almost half of the previously churned clients were successfully re-engaged and signed back onto the company’s services, proving the effectiveness of Lead Express’s outreach strategy and execution.

Moreover, the refreshed database facilitated a more targeted and efficient outreach by the company’s marketing team. With accurate and up-to-date client records, the team could now conduct more successful engagement campaigns, leading to higher client retention and acquisition rates.


This case study underscores the value of Lead Express’ unique outreach strategies and the power of personal, direct conversation in re-engaging churned clients. By leveraging their skilled executive calling team and meticulous data updating practices, they managed to bring about a remarkable turnaround for an equipment supply business.

The Lead Express strategy, successfully re-engaging nearly half of the lost clients and revitalising the company’s database, demonstrates how targeted outreach and data management can bring about tremendous success, ultimately leading to increased revenue and client engagement. With such results, Lead Express proves itself a reliable partner for businesses aiming to recover churned clients and maximise their marketing potential.

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