Book cover - Maximising LinkedIn to generate leads

Maximising LinkedIn to generate leads

LinkedIn provides a fantastic opportunity to search, connect and build relationships with potential clients in a professional and personalised way.

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Book cover - Email data and marketing

Email data and marketing

Let’s talk about using email data to open discussions for business opportunities with decision makes who fall within your specific target market.

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Book cover - Cleaning and updating business information

How to effectively clean and update business information

Your customer data asset erodes with time and a lot of companies do not spend time or resources to continually update this information.

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Book cover - Considerations when choosing a lead agency

Important considerations when choosing a lead generation partner

Here’s a checklist of the things you should consider to make sure you’re getting everything you actually need to generate leads.

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Book cover - Inhouse vs outsourcing

Inhouse vs outsourcing

The reality is most sales people are generally very good at converting opportunities but they lack the drive and know-how to generate and identify effective new opportunities.

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Book cover - The importance of a good prospect list

The importance of a good prospect list

There are a few ways to obtain a good prospect list but rushing out and purchasing one from a data company may not be the most effective way.

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