Is Your Sales Process Right For COVID-19? With Scott Eabry

This week’s B-exec discussion is aimed at helping businesses think about their sales process and sales methodology through COVID-19.  A lot of businesses are really …

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The Hidden Aspects of Payroll With Kathryn Wilson

James Cashmore and Kathryn Wilson discuss the importance of payroll and how all types of businesses, big and small, struggle to manage this critical aspect …

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Overcoming Excel spreadsheet pain with Brett Ruwoldt

In this episode of B-exec, James Cashmore and Brett Ruwoldt (Director of QMetrix), discuss the pitfalls of spreadsheet-based finance management. Brett has With 10 years …

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Effective Sales Strategies and Tips with Scott Eabry

In the first episode of B-exec, James Cashmore discusses how to implement effective sales strategy with sales leader, Scott Eabry. Scott has over 20 years …

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Book cover - Maximising LinkedIn to generate leads

Maximising LinkedIn to generate leads

LinkedIn provides a fantastic opportunity to search, connect and build relationships with potential clients in a professional and personalised way.

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Book cover - Email data and marketing

Email data and marketing

Let’s talk about using email data to open discussions for business opportunities with decision makes who fall within your specific target market.

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